Choosing a Bin Lifter For Your Business Needs

A bin lifter is a machine that is used for waste transfer in places where it’s impossible to have a person physically do so. It is designed to help construction workers carry large, heavy loads and to help sanitation workers carry out their duties more efficiently. However, the bin lifter isn’t limited to the construction field; they are also used by junk yard owners, municipalities and large retailers. Here we will take a closer look at the bin lifter and what exactly it does.

First, it’s important to understand how a bin lifter works. They are designed specifically to save time and effort during the tasks that require lifting heavy objects. Instead of dragging or lifting heavy loads on their own, bin lifters enable people to simply push or pull a handle and instantly have access to a lift that has already been raised. Instead of spending time getting the right tools and having to load more materials onto the machine, the process is made easier by the ready-to-use bin tippers.

A bin lifter makes the job of cleaning up hazardous waste easier not only for sanitation workers but also for junk yard owners and retailers. For instance, instead of spending lots of time lifting drums from ladders, heavy construction equipment, and dump trucks, a bin lifter allows them to quickly move along the ground using a wheelie bin tipper, remove the drum from the truck, stack it up as required, move it to a safety cage and empty it again without ever lifting a ladder. The process requires no physical contact with heavy objects, no reaching out of pockets or pulling heavy poles or chains, and it reduces hazards such as falling objects and slipping. The lifting of dump trucks, drums and other construction equipment reduces the risk of injury for employees of these various fields and allows them to focus their attention on more important matters.

A lot of municipalities mandate the use of bin tippers, since they allow workers to perform a variety of dangerous jobs without endangering themselves or others. Health officials and safety advocates throughout the country are constantly urging companies to include this option in their operations as much as possible. In fact, there are even some cities that prohibit the use of boom lifts like the boom crane, due to the high risk of falling debris and entrapped electrical cables when lifted without adequate support. Since bin tippers are available in different shapes and sizes and are capable of lifting a wide range of heavy loads, they can be used in almost any industry, helping operators reach corners and under debris that may otherwise prove too risky. Using a bin tipper helps reduce injuries, costs and downtime caused by lifting heavy loads in general.

The bin lifter does not only make the job of waste management workers easier, it also saves them a lot of money. It costs a lot more to hire workers to manage waste at a commercial establishment, because waste compactors and wheelie bins take up a lot of space and need frequent emptying. With a bin lifter, however, all the compactors and drums can be neatly stored away when not in use, reducing waste management costs and eliminating the need for employees to look for empty waste receptacles. Instead, all trash can be sorted out and the appropriate cans shipped to the appropriate recycling centers, minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Even companies that do not require their workers to lift heavy loads can benefit from using bin lifters. They can easily lift shipping crates, furniture, cartons and other large items, which make palletizing and storage much easier and more efficient. Just like wheelie bins, side screens, boom lifts and other types of compactors and waste converters, bin lifters come in a variety of sizes, colors and specifications to meet every company’s exact needs. The best thing about these handy devices is that they provide an affordable alternative to hiring employees to perform the same job. Once a company installs one of these efficient waste converters, it can enjoy a significant cost savings and increase its productivity and efficiency right away.

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