Top 10 Best Online Games

Online pkv games are the latest craze amongst many young people. Games such as the well known FarmVille, Cityville and chat-heads such as days are very popular and are being played by millions of users all over the world. These games are free to download and do not require the user to purchase any products or subscriptions.

The best online games are those which provide social Distancing. Social Distancing is the phenomenon where a player feels a strong bond with his character and therefore helps him to progress through the game easily and has more fun. For example, in FarmVille, an owner can increase his cash crop by feeding animals, which earns money; but if he cannot see his own character he cannot farm the animals himself.

In order to create the sense of social Distancing, the best online games are those which allow players to create or modify their characters. In fact, some of these online games are actually single player games wherein one player controls one aspect of the game and the other players control another. Some of the best online games, such as Mafia Wars and Cityville, are massively multiplayer games (MMORPG) which combine the single player and multi-player gaming together, and thus players are able to interact with each other through various interfaces such as forums, chat and emails, while playing the game.

Another way in which online games create social Distancing is through the concept of exploration and puzzle. In most of the online games, players have to explore the virtual terrain and collect items and food along the way. Players often have to fight against monsters and sometimes even fellow players to overcome levels. This aspect of online gaming provides players with an environment in which they can test their ability to cooperate and challenge each other. This also creates a sense of urgency because without co-operating with others to achieve a goal, a player would be hopelessly deadlocked and unable to move on to the next stage.

Puzzle gaming has also contributed significantly to the popularity of many games. Many puzzle game developers have created an enormous niche for themselves in the world of online gaming. This niche includes titles such as Sudoku, Dr. Darkkan, Stratego, and many more. These developers have also created titles which require the use of mathematical calculations, thus contributing greatly to the popularity of game development.

The final category of top 10 best online games is social networking. There is no doubt that many players find it difficult to compete against or cooperate with fellow players when they are not able to see each other in real life. Developers have taken this concept to the extreme by creating some of the most popular social networking games such as MySpace, Friendster and Facebook. These developers have provided players with an interface through which they can socialize with others, chat with them and play with them, all while still keeping their anonymity. Moreover, many players feel free to make a number of friends in these games, without revealing any personal details about themselves. Thus, the need for social interaction and the ability to interact with others has increased dramatically, making online social gaming a leading force in the online community today.

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