Whatever happened to the controversial PIATCO case? It seems that most government projects have some “perceived” irregularities; hence someone would file a complaint or a case. It would be more of an exception if the government project would proceed smoothly without any incident. I can’t even think of one major project that did not have a problem.

But looking at it positively, at least something good came out of this case and that is the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3. It’s about time for a new, decent and modern looking airport.

I don’t  know its capacity, but I believe it is still relatively a small airport even if it serves both domestic and a limited host of airlines serving international (Asian) routes. I wonder when they would replace Terminal 1 with a decent and presentable airport that would be at par with the best airports in the world.  Having passed through different airports in other countries, you can see and feel the difference once you arrive at the old NAIA.

Nice modern monitors for the flight schedules.

It even has a weather forecast and temperature.

What I like about Terminal 3, well-wishers and those that are there to pick-up arriving passengers can now go inside the main airport. They can even share meals inside the airport’s food concessionaire area. A far departure (no pun intended) when you were just allowed outside the building and was hurried to move to another area or all together told to leave by the airport security. Quite an improvement since we Filipinos tend to bring a lot of family members and even friends when we send off our love ones or pick-up someone dear to us which makes going to the airport an event in itself.

Plus, the airport’s interior design with the V shaped pillars looks up to date, modern and it has an airy spacious feel to it compared to Terminal 2 which is fine but when you get inside, it’s like is that it? Even with  all the glass, the Centennial terminal looks small and spacewise,  narrow.


Just to compare below are 3 photos of the Centennial Airport or Terminal 2

(Above, PAL domain (Philippine Airlines) Terminal 2 looks small and in some sections, cramp as compared to Terminal 3.)


Although the exterior design is rather bland and generic in my opinion, Terminal 3 both inside and out projects modernity with the development in its vicinity complimenting it.


The place where Terminal 3 now stands has drastically been transformed in less than a decade. I almost did not recognize the place with all the improvements. The narrow streets are gone and so are the informal settlers. It’s now filled with buildings and a Marriot Hotel too. It’s also a good thing  that they did not demolish the old water tower when the area was redeveloped and instead found a new purpose for it. I believe the whole place has greatly improved. Too bad, we don’t live near the area anymore.



  1. Hi Bogs. We actually filmed some of our scenes there for our Cebu Pacific project. Really nice airport, especially for filming… that is if you can get necessary permits, of course.


  2. I do prefer going through Terminal 3. I look forward to Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific (and everyone else) transfering to T3 away from T1, so that I can avoid the ancient and decrepit Terminal 1 altogether.

  3. please reply directly to my email address. did you know abe luspo pesonally?


  4. terminal 3 is till a universe apart from the other international airports but definitely presentable compared to theNAIA. are you bogsii in ebay?


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