Big Improvements in Government Services

Philippines pcos machine election comelec smartmatic politicians

It’s been sometime since I posted something on this blog. And I noticed this by getting a lot of spam for comments and the stats falling. There was a delay too in replying to the messages that was sent thru this blog. Apparently, messages received do not appear on the dashboard. Notification is  by email […]


Queen Isabella II in the Philippines

DSC_7466 copy

What does a foreign monarch, Queen Isabella II of Spain have in common with some of our heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini ?  Well, they all have monuments built in their honor, have been featured in our coinage and paper money (bank notes) and in our postage  stamps. Add to that, places […]


Manila’s Postal Heritage Tour P. 2

Manila view post office plaza lawton liwasang Bonifacio

A group that promotes the  educational hobby of stamp collecting, Philippine history and heritage through a postal heritage tour. The tour starts from the main Post Office building and proceeds to the neighboring areas of Intramuros, the Metropolitan Theater etc. Taking off from the  previous blog entry on our Postal Heritage Tour of Manila, going […]


Promoting A Hobby While Walking in Manila – Stamp Collecting and the Manila Postal Tour P. 1

Philippines stamp post office

There is a free postal tour conducted by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club and  Rence Chan.  Joining the walking tour grants you access to some of the places you would need to get clearance from and they take care of the  permits in order for you to take photos. It  is held on a weekend, every third […]


Galleria Taal – A Camera Museum in Taal, Batangas

The display is arranged chronologically and this is one of the early cameras on display.

Taal is best known for the volcano, its lake and also for its heritage town. One of the very few surviving towns that have its historic core intact in terms of heritage structures. It has a chockablock of pre-war houses and a well laid out town plan. In addition, it is relatively close to Metro Manila. For […]


Destination: Quiapo, Manila

Quiapo 9

Having mentioned Quiapo being an experiential and for some an exotic place, it has several things to offer when it comes to history, heritage and culture. Experiential, if one is to join the Nazareno procession with its crushing wave of humanity. Really amazing and a testament to faith. Experiential if one walks the streets, eat […]


Destination “Exotic” Quiapo, Manila

Quiapo 56

When I arrived in Manila coming from the province, Quiapo was the landmark or point of reference to help me navigate the various jeepneys that plied Metro Manila streets. If the jeep passes Quiapo, then there’s little chance for me of getting lost. At times, I used to pass by here on my way to […]


The Chaos and Ugliness of it All in Post War Manila


Someone posted a link  in a facebook group page. The group page deals with photos, memories and impressions of “old” Manila. The link is an Inquirer article with a title of ” How Manila has become a portrait of ugliness” which is how our cities and towns seems to be evolving and turning into…….ugly and […]


The Economy Growing

I am not an economist, but the news that the country’s economy is growing is greet news indeed if only it can be felt and translated. Every administration seemed to have claimed that the economy has improved and that we are on our way up…….really?! Are the growth rates and projections based on what exactly? […]


Expansion List for the Philippines

This is just a rant and observation of an average, ordinary individual. The country never seem to have taken a great leap forward,  a major leap for the better. But what is better can be relative.  Improvements have been short and ineffective. The problems of yesterday, are still the problems of  today, compounded of course. […]

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